The data analysis was conducted using SPSS (plus a free add-on package for SPSS called PROCESS MACRO) and RStudio

This project focuses on Automation: autonomous cars, smart TVs and smart lights. We see that when the consumer has Low levels of Relatedness this increases the likelihood they will indulge by purchasing larger more wasteful versions of the product.

Data analysis was conducted a series of Regressions and an interaction between Abdication of Responsibility and Relatedness, to observe their effect on Product Indulgence.


The analyses were conducted using SPSS 

This project focused on smart lights. Here we see that when people are presented with a product that has automatic eco-features (i.e. the Eco Abdication condition) those who don't feel particularly competent choose a larger more consuming product.

The complete report was written up as a grant request for 240.000 euro (05/2018) to the Fondation National Suisse.


The analyses were conducted using MATLAB and SPSS 

This experiment focused on eye movements straight to a target, in this case the green circle (i.e. Sacc Trg). In the time leading up to the eye movement the visual system places huge amounts of attention at the target, even if there is a bright distractor next to it, like the red rhomboid in our experiment. 

The complete report was written up as a scientific article and published in an international journal called Journal of Vision

Puntiroli, Kerzel & Born (2015)