My programming in R has usually been rather basic, and based almost entirely on the scripts of others (which I have then adapted to whatever needs I had).

R and RStudio have been used for plotting of data and for certain analyses where R was more suited than SPSS or MATLAB.

During the Master's of Science I took a class for 1 semester on R

During the four year Doctorate scripts were produced, using the ggplot package, to identify various components within the data (e.g. a binomial distribution) and to plot these. Multiple components in the data, as opposed to just one, essentially means that there are multiple underlying effects driving the overall observed effect.

PDF version of the R SCRIPT

During the time at SCCER CREST R scripts have been written in order to illustrate regression slopes for Moderation effects (for more information on this see Data Analysis -> ANOVAS AND REGRESSIONS).

PDF version of the R SCRIPT

R can be used to produce some pleasing graphs that can "tell a story" better than some other packages. Here are the Reaction Time distributions of many conditions (i.e. 2-18) overlapping with each other and of different color (produced during the PhD). Differences are easy to spot and the graph remains elegant.

Geneva, Switzerland