• Learning more and more about web scraping. If you are not familiar with web scraping it is used to find information from web-pages and parcel that information into a repository (which can be an excel page or anything you want). The info taken from the web-pages can then be used as data, to conduct analyses offline. There exist many ways of doing this, on many different software. Here I have been learning this technique on Python.

    Practical Use: I have been implementing web scrapping scripts to aid Geneva based company AMPLIFI ( See also the section on PROGRAMMING -> PYTHON


  • Learning the basics of sentiment analysis coded on PYTHON. This can be an incredibly interesting tool to gauge public perception online, of anything from political opinions, to how a new Hollywood movie is being received. Its accuracy varies slightly from domain to domain, but it has been quantified by several different groups of people as achieving an accuracy of approx 75-80% (meaning that the results of the sentiment analysis reflect true sentiment on a given topic at 75-80% accuracy.)

    Practical Use: I have been implementing sentiment analysis to gauge people's "feeling" toward new releases   PROGRAMMING -> PYTHON