• SENTIMENT ANALYSIS is used to gather information about people's sentiment toward different things, based on what people post on Social Media. You can simply create a Sentiment Analysis if you want to find out people's feelings toward the new James Bond movie, and you will bin all data (from for example Twitter) into favorable and against (or good and bad, or positive and negative). I have a little part about this in DATA ANALYSIS -> BASIC SENTIMENT ANALYSIS (as I am still learning the ins and outs of this technique).


  • HOTJAR is a fun and useful program. It creates videos and heat-maps of how people interact with websites. It is able to create a video for each and every person who visits a particular site. It is creating one right now of your visit to this website (don't worry, it's anonymous). The software simply records a video of all the mouse clicks and the scrolls, then generates a heatmap and also provides some basic info, like country, type of screen, web browser ect. (Admittedly, it can be seen as disturbing.)

    This is a video of a random person who visited this website on August 3rd 2018 (the video isn't mobile-phone friendly, so it's better viewed on a laptop or computer).

The location and time of every mouse movement and click is then saved in a file and this data can be used for potential analyses.

  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS provides slightly more detailed information about who interacts with your webpages, and how they interact with them (e.g. time spent on each page, how often they return). It also starts to be a bit more precise than HOTJAR with regards to where the person is located (not incredibly precise, but much better than knowing just the country). Its also phenomenally easy to set up.
    Here is the list of 6 people who visited this site the first week it launched.

As can be seen above, Google Analytics also tells you the language the person has on their computer/mobile and even who their internet provider is. 

Geneva, Switzerland