Data Collection through the use of Eye Trackers. During a four year Doctorate in Vision Science many experiments were run using various versions of the SR Research Eye Tracker, an extremely high-precision system. 

Five eye tracking projects lead to interesting results that were written up into a scientific article and ultimately published in international journals or are in the process of being published.

Data Analysis was conducted almost daily from 2012 to 2016 on data collected from Eye trackers, in order to understand what captured people's attention and when.

This system is the EyeLink 1000 (desk mounted)

This system was used in the University of Geneva projects (Puntiroli, Kerzel & Born 2015; Puntiroli, Tandonnet, Kerzel & Born 2017; Puntiroli, Kerzel & Born 2018)




This system is the EyeLink 2000 (tower mounted)

This system was used in the Ludwig Maximilian University project in Munich (Puntiroli, Deubel & Szinte, in preparation for dissemination).