The insights and analyses are mainly achieved using Python and Google Analytics

  • Helping Swiss artist understand who their fans are and where they are located. Principle goal is to help understand where to best schedule concerts, based on the areas where the fan-base is most dense.

    Technique: Pairing the Youtube channel to Google Analytics, in order to acquire a wider range of information. Then descriptive statistics in order to understand the data and plots to visualize it. Lastly, Sentiment Analysis to gauge the "feelings" toward the new releases.


  • Helping Geneva based start up "AMPLIFI", who focuses on quantifying the online presence of businesses, identifies the possible areas of improvement and offers guidance. My role has been to explore and assess the feasibility of automated techniques, mainly web scraping. This essentially allows a program to observe the contents of multiple pages online, without a human having to observe each and every page and word. ​

    Technique: Conducted web scraping by Finding Python scripts and adapting them. 

  • Helping Geneva based start up "Mega Moche", which is a clothes brand focusing on hoodies and caps. Andries Etienne, the founder, created a high quality product. My role has been to find ways to best market the product, based on the strengths of the product and the values of the company.

    Technique: Studying ways to best disseminate messages and company values on social media, finding influencers and identifying strategies to best achieve a return on the investment.