The surveys were created in Qualtrics and distributed through Amazon MTurk

Approximately 15 surveys have been created and distributed among the US population, each time collecting responses from 60 to 350 people. The goal of the surveys was to asses people's perceptions of automatic products. This was achieved by asking half of the participants questions about a "normal" version of the product (e.g. TVs, lights or laptops), while the other half of the participants answered questions relating to an automatized version of the same product. 

The results were very interesting and a request for 240'000 CHF was advanced in 2018 to the Fondation National Suisse (FNS) to further investigate the topic.

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The surveys were created in Qualtrics and distributed through Intervista

A huge survey is designed each year and distributed among a pool of Swiss respondents who have committed to return year after year, for as long as possible (i.e. longitudinal study).

This project is part of SCCER CREST, a large Swiss research network, and aims at understanding energy-related behaviors and what can be done to curtail energy consumption.

Several reports have been written up, based on the analyses from this data. These reports have then been distributed to policy-makers and stakeholders, with the help of journalists.

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The surveys were created and distributed through Survey Monkey

In the last year of the Bachelor in Psychology the Dissertation project focused on the link between an emotion disorder (also regarded as a personality trait) called Alexithyimia and other psychological problems, such as Attachment issues, Fragmented Identity and Low Self-Esteem.

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Geneva, Switzerland